This is a spontaneous initiative of Slovak and Czech intellectuals, activists and professionals from all walks of life prepared at the 76th anniversary of Hitler’s invasion to Czechoslovakia in 1939.

Through the letter addressed to the leaders of the West we want to encourage a more robust response to help Ukraine in its fight for its integrity, freedom, democracy and Europe.

We invite you to join us in this appeal through adding your name to it.

On behalf of the initiative

Juraj Mesík is a former member of the Czechoslovak parliament and specialist with the World Bank.

Petr Kolář is a former senior Czech diplomat and adviser to the late President Václav Havel.



We would like to express gratitude to

Peter Teplický – for web-development, http://bam.sk/

Peter Liška – for visual design, http://www.peterliska.sk/

Ján Husár, for allowing us to use photographs, https://about.me/janhusar

Janet Livingstone, Michaela Pietruchová, Grigorij Mesežnikov, Françoise Mayer for translations into English, German, Russian and French.

and many others who voluntarily helped this initiative.